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Elizabeth Fenjves, Ph.D
CEO and Founder i2M & Telehealth Consultant

Elizabeth Fenjves, Ph.D
CEO and Founder at i2M & Telehealth Consultant


Dr. Elizabeth Fenjves has a Ph.D. in molecular biology from SUNY at Stony
Brook and has done extensive research and education in gene therapy of
metabolic disorders.

Apart from her commitment to academics she headed the Innovation Office of the University of Miami for 5 years. In that capacity she had the opportunity and privilege to help commercialize new discoveries and translate them from bench to bedside. During her tenure the University committed to telemedicine efforts that are still exemplary and a great success. She had her own startup to help entrepreneurs in various stages of commercialization and it was thanks to it that she met the principals of the Milagro Foundation and the Foundation for the Children of the Californias. She was approached to set up a business plan and a feasibility study for the telehealth project and was so excited by its potential that she has stayed on as the primary consultant.

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