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Harold "Hal" Haines,

Board Member

Harold "Hal" Haines, Ph.D., Board Member


Dr. Haines has 45 years of executive management and consulting experience in the healthcare industry, with a broad background in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical devices and therapeutics.

He has led healthcare companies, provided technical and strategic business development expertise in the healthcare industry for biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic companies, medical practices and clinics, venture capital firms, legal firms, with emphasis on infectious diseases and oncology problems, products and services and natural products. He also has provided strategic business and scientific planning for international companies and non-profit organizations, including strategic planning for manufacturing and medical facilities and biomedical startups.  More recently, he was the President and CEO of NuGenerex Diagnostics, which is a subsidiary of the public company, Generex Corporation (GNBT). NuGenerex Diagnostics is a company which develops and markets point-of- care diagnostic devices.
In the 1990’s, at the height of the HIV epidemic, and before anti-retroviral therapy was instituted, he was a founder and served as the Scientific Director of the Immunology and Retrovirology Research Institute (IRI), a non-profit AIDS research Institute in Miami, Florida, dedicated to the development of immunologic therapies for the treatment of HIV and AIDS. He has participated in numerous HIV and AIDS programs in the United States and abroad and has been a consultant to and presenter and convener for World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization conferences on HIV and AIDS and on Dengue virus  epidemics. He is a former tenured Professor of Pathology, Dermatology and Microbiology and Immunology at the University of  Miami School of Medicine, Miami, Florida.

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